My Story

Hi, I'm Teresa, a real person who is unique but identifable to others.  I am limited edition material.

Friends were already thinking of me when they thought of Scentsy so this was an easy transition from customer to consulant for me.  As soon as anyone arrives to my home, they are inspired by fragrance.  I teach art classes from my home and always have Scentsy warming.  Fragrance builds inspiration, enthusiasm, energy and creativity.

Scentsy helps me live the life I dream of.  Creating art and volunteering in the arts with Hot Docs, Tiff and my next goal of Sundance.  I am able to provide for my family by selling creative, artistic, high quality products that warm the heart, enliven the scenses and  inspire the soul.

Albert Einstein said: "Creativity is intelligence having fun."  I may live in a small town but I embrace the whole world.  Come get to know me, and learn your creative potential.